Developed by passionate (and frustrated)

research experts.

At buzzback, we love qual.

There’s just no substitute for the magic of a lively group discussion, a layered and illuminating one-on-one interview, or an opportunity to observe true-to-life experiences and interactions. But conducting qualitative research is…HARD. 

After 20+ years in the industry, we’re no strangers to the strenuous process of searching for the ideal (and available) moderator, navigating through numerous seemingly similar platforms, dealing with slow recruiting partners, managing project logistics, and of course, enduring the agonizingly long wait for the insights you need ASAP. 

So, we did something about it.

We brought qual research as we know it into the digital age.

Into the future.

Studio Logo

is the future of qual.

The future doesn’t have to mean robotic, devoid of human touch or deep discussion.

Our future of qual is defined by a continued commitment to understanding human experiences, emotions, and aspirations. It's where qual pushes the boundaries and moves forward, evolving into a dynamic, agile, and easy experience, without needing to make sacrifices.

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Our future

Studio is a future that enables on-demand access to research professionals and top insight tools thoroughly vetted by our team and all within your reach.

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Our vision

Create a space for qualitative research to thrive.

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Our mission

Simplify and streamline the qualitative research process, making it more accessible for all.